About Us

  • Our founders, two nurses working in the field of public health, noticed first-hand how more and more families are struggling to acquire the basic necessities of life in today's economy. A new baby puts an added strain on already limited resources and many babies lack appropriate items of clothing and blankets to stay warm and thrive during their crucial first year of life.

    On the other hand, babies in many other communities are fortunate to have an excess of clothing during the course of their first year and many items are only worn once or twice or never used before they are outgrown.

    Our goal is to provide a way to get these surplus items into the arms of mothers with babies in need.

    Donated gently used or new clothing in Preemie to 12 month sizes along with blankets and accessories (hats, socks, bibs) are being collected. Clothes are sorted and items of each size sufficient for the first year are placed in a bag and labeled for a baby "boy" or "girl".

    Multilingual educational materials related to SIDS and information on other prevention issues are also included with each package.

    The completed bags are then distributed by nurses and social workers to low income, military, immigrant, and foster families in need within underserved areas. Hospitals, prenatal clinics, social service agencies, and homes are typical delivery sites. Click here to see a list of current distribution sites.

    • Every baby needs to have adequate clothing and blankets
    • Numerous people have gently used or unworn baby clothing and blankets that are no longer wanted
    • There are many mothers and babies in need, including those from military, immigrant, low income and foster families
    • Particular attention should be paid to teen mothers and minority populations in San Diego County including Hispanic, African/Black, and Asian/Pacific Islander
    • In underserved populations many babies are born pre-term or at a low birth weight and therefore "preemie" sized clothing should also be distributed
    • Packages to new mothers will include: blankets, socks, hats, pants, short and long sleeve onesies, sleepers, bibs, and some extra items including overalls, jackets, and dresses
    • Packages to new mothers should also include multilingual educational materials about local services available and relevant prevention issues such as SIDS

    In Addition:

    • Many people do not know a way that they can easily donate their clothing to babies in need
    • Collection sites for donations should be in easily accessible locations
    • Distribution can be accomplished readily through public health nurses, social workers, and prenatal clinic sites
  • Board of Directors:

    • Judy Blackford President & CEO
    • Open Vice President
    • Debbie Alston Secretary
    • Vicki Geehan Treasurer & CFO, Director of Volunteers
    • Open Director of Community Relations
    • Judith Lawson Director of Operations
    • Roger Schlarb Director of Finance
    • Open Director of Development
    • Benita Page Director at Large
    • Jan Rightmer Director at Large
    • Sharon Dutton Director at Large